Praga Overview

Praga Technical (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned company that was established in October 1977 and is based in Rosslyn, Gauteng’s Automotive hub.
Current turnover is R720 Million 2018/2019 Financial year, Projected 2019/2020 R760 Million.
Currently employ 734 full time employees.

Praga is a Tier 1 supplier to 4 of the major OEM’s in Africa (Ford / VW / Toyota & Nissan) & Faurecia , Tier 2 supplier to MA.
Praga exports to Argentina and Thailand - Ford

The company operates off two sites with a 3rd pressing plant purchased in October2017 with additional 21000m² (5000m² under cover) Operational February 2019 as a Tier 2 supplier to main plant:
Main Site: Plant 1 : 34140m² (22000m² under cover)
Warehouse: Plant 2 : 12600m² (8500m² under cover)